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Equipment for works in ascended suspension

SafeAccess Climbing Rail for suspended works

Working at height legislation EN1808:2015


The Climbing SafeAccess rail is installed to access sloped facades or atriums for the maintenance and cleaning of the building. A high resistance stainless steel chain is inserted through the bottom channel of the rail. The climbing trolley with pinion can climb slopes up to 70°. It uses a chain based design, the most reliable system for installations with an important slope.


  • Active drive system
  • Slopes up to 70°
  • Span of 3m between supports
  • Compatible with rope access technician, RopeClimber and cradles
  • Bespoke solutions by the Fallprotec engineering department


  • Maintenance of airport facades
  • Maintenance of Hospital facades
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall facades
  • Maintenance of skyscraper
  • Maintenance of airport roofs

Climbing SafeAccess and trolleys for suspended equipment

Climbing SafeAccess and trolleys for suspended equipment

Climbing SafeAccess rail with chain system

It allows an inclined translation up to 70°. The rack & pinion provides a secure traversing movement.

Chain system for ascended suspension