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Our team of highly qualified professionals

We are confident enough to put our systems to the test anytime in real life

In 2019 we have really tested our SecuRope cable lifeline in overhead configuration at an industrial site. With "really" means that a person has fallen from 10m height attached to the cable lifeline and the system has absorbed most of the energy from the fall, so much so that the lanyard's energy absorber has not been activated.  Fallprotec is continually testing its systems with the strong intention of improving, always under the guidelines of height safety regulations.

Fallprotec has innovation in its DNA and continuously invests into product development which enables the company to market a comprehensive range, of fall arrest and height safety systems. Fallprotec is also a one-stop shop providing services such as industrial site audits, engineering and training in its own facilities. The professional staff provides the best support to its clients, distributors and installers on a daily basis as well as guide the final customer from the first-scratch concepts up to the final installation.

Thanks to the network of branch offices, liaison offices, distributors and certified installers in more than 50 countries, Fallprotec is recognised as a full blue-chip provider of safety and access equipment with worldwide recognition, i.e.: by major industrial entities who trusted its solutions for the safety of their employees and by renown architects or major construction companies where its activity consists in following large-scaled and complex projects from the design phase to the installation with bespoke solutions.