Building Maintenance Units for cleaning facade

Building Maintenance Units

EN 1808:2015 / EN60204-1 Directive 2006 / 42 / EC


A Building Maintenance Unit – BMU – is a mechanical and electronic crane suspended from the roof, which moves systematically over a structure while carrying human window washers or any other specialist for the maintenance of the facade. Architects, constructors, and consultants are often faced with facade challenges and trust in Fallprotec & FBA Gomyl since it provides a broad range of BMUs; from machines with standard features to elaborate modular structures which respond to the functional requirements. The design of the machine and its components are calculated with latest generation software and tested according to both European and North American standards.


  • The BMU can be equipped with an auxiliary hoist for glass changing, and other heavy duty maintenance works
  • Made of standardized components in a customized way to ensure that all facades of the building can be reached and maintained/cleaned. 
  • The maintenance solution for great heights buildings
  • Easily operated. A Rope Access Technician Certification is not required
  • Modular system, which allows augmentation or exclusion of elements
  • Tailored design to all complex facade geometries
  • Best system to cover the whole perimeter of a building


  • Maintenance of airport facades
  • Maintenance of Hospital facades
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall facades
  • Maintenance of skyscraper
  • Maintenance of courtyards or atriums