BMU RopeClimber hoist New Antofagasta Hospital Chile

Facade maintenance in New Antofagasta Hospital

Completely tailor-made project which involves the securing of cleaning and maintenance works of 2 different buildings with 13 courtyards.


Two Building Maintenance Units were the fastest and easiest way to clean all the external facades. To maintain internal courtyards, 20 sections of SafeAccess monorail have been installed for the suspension of the RopeClimber. The hoist does not require a big storage area and is powered by battery. It is easy to transport between the courtyards and it can access remote facade areas. Engineering calculations for both systems have been thoroughly evaluated and approved by SIRVE Institute - Seismic Protection Technologies. The BMUs have been designed and produced by FBA Gomyl.

Installed products

  • 780m of SafeAccess rail for the maintenance of the courtyards
  • 2 RopeClimber suspended from SafeAccess rail
  • 2 Building Maintenance Units - Traversing davits
  • 650m of rail attached to the inner parapet for the BMUs


Antofagasta, Chile
Facade maintenance in New Antofagasta Hospital
Facade maintenance in New Antofagasta Hospital - Antofagasta, Chile