guardrails roof counterweight


EN 14122-3 | EN 13374 | NF E85-015 | BS 13700 | OSHA 1910.29 / 1926.502


The guardrail is the recommended fall protection device in high-traffic areas. It serves as a protective barrier, allowing users to safely access a specific place to carry out work, it also delimits dangerous areas. It is installed along the perimeter of the roof or around skylights which allows easy access without having to equip oneself with protection against falls from height (PPE). Fallprotec guardrails are not intended for the protection of areas accessible to the public.


  • Powder coated aluminium sea air resistant
  • Can be installed on all flat roofs, parapets, steel decks and standing seams
  • Inclined uprights to become invisible from ground level
  • No penetration of the roof membrane


  • Collective protection
  • Maintenance of industrial roofs