Fall arrest equipment SecuRope BS8610

SecuRope cable lifeline system on ground

Working at height legislation EN795:2012 Type C | CEN/TS 16415:2013


The horizontal lifeline system SecuRope is a cable-based fall arrest equipment that can be installed on ground. Specific intermediate anchors absorb the energy in case of fall. Thanks to a reduced cable deflection, the Securope can be installed in locations having a low fall clearance, being the optimal fall protection systems for roofs. The engineering department of Fallprotec has designed a wide range of fixing assemblies for the different type of host structure e.g. sandwich panels and standing seam roofs.


  • Up to 4 users
  • 12m max. between fixations
  • Freehand system
  • Undeformable system
  • Energy absorbing on orientable intermediate anchors
  • Wide range of brackets for all structures, fragile and rigid
  • Possibility of custom-made solutions with the Fallprotec’s engineering department


  • Fall arrest
  • Fall restraint
  • Maintenance of industrial roofs
  • Maintenance of residential roofs
  • Maintenance of architectural highlights and monuments roofs
  • Maintenance of airport roofs
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall roofs

Horizontal SecuRope lifeline system installed directly on concrete

Line Tensioner LDV137
End anchor LDV002
Cable Ø 8 mm LDV006
Opening glider LDV001: No need to approach to pass the intermediates. Surpassable lifeline
Captive glider LDV060
NEO intermediate anchor LDV043 with energy absorption by shear pin breaking
Turnbuckle LDV138
Energy absorber LDV032 with constant tension mechanism for fragile structures
Horizontal SecuRope lifeline system installed directly on concrete

Intermediate anchor with energy absorbing by shear pin breaking

The undeformable NEO anchor is roof protecting thanks to its integrated shock absorbing system. It is therefore compatible with fragile roofs.  Reusable after stopping a fall.
The NEO intermediate anchor, made in stainless steel SS316, has an orientable cable guide, so the glider can pass on ground, wall & ceiling configuration.


Intermediate anchor with energy absorbing NEO

Intermediate anchor EVO

The EVO anchor, a competitive solution, has been specifically designed for lifeline systems fixed on concrete grounds and rigid structures. Made of stainless steel SS316, it is a robust element for a horizontal or inclined lifeline.

It is used in conjunction with the TEVO end anchor. 


Intermediate anchor EVO for rigid structures

Glider with steel carabiner

Fallprotec offers a wide range of gliders adapted to each type of situation. The glider passes smoothly over the intermediate anchors. The end user can move freely along the lifeline without disconnecting. No need to approach to pass the intermediate anchors. It can be disconnected from the line  by detaching the karabiner of the glider and then open the locking device. 
Fallprotec provides captive gliders (LDV111 and LDV060) and opening gliders (LDV001), gliders for lifelines in every configuration. 

Glider passing the NEO Intermediate anchor
Glider LDV001 for cable lifeline SecuRope

Zip! fall arrester on inclined safety line 30°- 85°

The SecuRope fall arrest equipment can be installed on a inclined section between. Only the glider has been adapted to the configuration. Following the movement of the user it blocks in case of an overspeed and stops the fall within the first centimeters. Walking on sloping roofs is very complicated and risky, which is why roof walkways are usually installed beside the safety products.


Fall arrester image for inclined safety fall protection BS8610