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Cable lifeline SecuRope overhead in a steel factory

SecuRope overhead installation in Wallerich Lux

In order to secure the Wallerich Lux assembly lines, Fallprotec’s engineering department adapted the SecuRope system to cope with the particular requirements of the factory.


SecuRope overhead safety line is the most used configuration for industrial halls as the lifeline above the user reduces the fall distance.  Bespoke posts and brackets have been produced to fix the intermediate anchors and maintain a steady distance between lifelines and walkways.

Installed products

  • 700m of SecuRope lifeline
  • 10 types of bespoke fixation assemblies, adapted to various beam sizes and distances between beams and walkways
  • Undeformable lifeline
  • Surpassable intermediate anchors


Differdange, Luxembourg
SecuRope overhead installation in Wallerich Lux
SecuRope overhead installation in Wallerich Lux - Differdange, Luxembourg