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Cleaning the Katara Hotel with Fallprotec elements

Katara hotel cleaning - foreseen 2020

Height access tool to secure the maintainance of the Katara hotel complex facades


The Katara building includes a 5 and 6 stars hotels constructed for hosting FIFA staff for the World cup of 2022. Fallprotec provided davit arms with sockets, anchor points and two RopeClimber backpack to ensure its cleaning and maintenance.

Productos instalados

  • 8 davit arms standard
  • 68 davit arm sockets
  • 1166 Twinfix anchor points
  • 419 anchoring eyeplates
  • 50 detachable anchor points
  • 2 RopeClimber backpack


Doha, Qatar
Katara hotel cleaning - foreseen 2020
Katara hotel cleaning - foreseen 2020 - Doha, Qatar