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Securope lifeline fragile structure PalaBanco Desio

Securing fragile structures

Securope lifelines on various types of fragile roofs


At the forefront of securing fragile roof structures, Fallprotec supplied in 2007 a lifeline on corrugated metal sheet for PalaBanco Desio the local sports arena of the city of Desio in Italy. To secure this dome shaped roof a Securope lifeline is installed. In addition, energy absorbing anchor points LDV025 are installed along the ridge to protect against the pendulum effect.

Productos instalados

  • 1200m Vertical Securope
  • Securope lifeline on composite and cold deck roof
  • Securope pipe bridge life line
  • Energy absorbing anchor points


Desio, Italy
Securing fragile structures
Securing fragile structures - Desio, Italy