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Personal fall protection equipment for works at height

Personal Protective Equipment

Working at height legislation EN362:2005 | EN358:2003 EN361:2003 | EN355:2003 EN365:2005 | EN813:2009


A fall restraint system prevents a person from reaching the fall risk and a fall arrest system minimizes injury in the event of a fall. Both configurations involve personal protective equipment (PPE), as the risk cannot be eliminated. PPE can be safety harnesses, safety lanyards or retractable fall arrester blocks and accompany the user at all times. These working at height PPE work only in combination with fall protection systems type anchor points, horizontal and vertical fall arrest systems, safety ladders, confined space tripods and davit arms. safety harness inspection harness inspection checklist safety harnesses regulations


  • Easy and quick to put on
  • Two type “A” anchoring points 
  • Made in EU


  • Maintenance of industrial roofs
  • Maintenance of residential roofs
  • Maintenance of architectural highlights and monuments roofs
  • Maintenance of airport roofs
  • Maintenance of commercial office and mall roofs
  • Maintenance of machines in production facilities
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Maintenance of wind turbine blades
  • Maintenance of hospital roofs
  • Maintenance of Educational Institutes roofs
  • Maintenance of electrical towers

Multifunctional full body harness and single elastic lanyard with energy absorber

A lightweight climbing harness of 5 anchor points, suited for rope access and rescue, it is the typical companion of many industrial climbers and service technicians. This full body harness with lanyard forms also a roof safety kit. This equipment works as both a fall arrest harness and a fall restraint harness.

Fall protection safety harness

Elastic 2 points safety harness and double elastic lanyard with energy absorber

A body harness that adapts to the body movements, with automatic buckles. The double elastic lanyard with energy absorber enables the user to pass from one anchoring point to another while remaining connected to any Fallprotec fall arrest system at all times. The integrated energy absorber reduces the forces transmitted to the user to max. 6kN. Since it is elastic, the lanyard adapts to the movements of the user,  let him/her evolve freely along the lifeline or in the vicinity of an anchor point. The big opening hooks allow safe movement through mobile scaffoldings.

Safety harness with shock absorbing lanyard

Prolight full body harness

The emblematic fall protection harness of Fallprotec is lightweight and equipped with pads for the highest level of comfort. The operator can work all day without feeling any pressure point. It is very easy to don thanks to the automatic aluminum buckles. 

Roofing Harness

Tempo full body harness

A classic full body harness with webbing. Ideal for punctual operations where fall prevention is needed and it is used in combination with fall protection lanyards. Together, these components form a high-quality protective safety equipment. The Tempo harness is the fall restraint harness by excellence.

Roof safety harness and restraint lanyard

Working seat, automatic braking descender and secondary fall arrest device

This assembly enables a safe and comfortable work at height for rope access specialists. The full body safety harness and seat are ergonomic, maintaining the position of the user without soliciting the muscles. The harness follows the movements of the user, giving him/her more freedom. 
The fall arrest equipped with an energy absorber blocks automatically in case of a fall. The descender gives full freedom of movement in the vertical axis.

Working seat, automatic braking descender and safety rope

Ultra-compact retractable fall arrester block

Complete range of retractable type fall arresters from 2 to 60 meters. Available
with webbing strap or galvanized steel cable. The spring mechanism keeps constant tension on the lanyard, thus facilitating the movement of the end user. This device is an essential component of the PPE for working at height.

IKAR retractable type fall arrester
IKAR retractable web lanyard